Caesar Salad

by Paperduck Records

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This is the final salad compilation. Some of these tracks are from the crypts of 2012/2013, and others are recent recordings, and some are a mix of both. A lot of people contributed to this album and the two previous, and others have helped out in other facets as well. You know who you are, and you know what ya did. Thanks to you all!

- Bryan


released December 25, 2015

Engineered by various people in various locations in Illinois.
All tracks mixed by Bryan Dalle Molle except for (4) Dominic Glimco and (8) Connor Boyle.
All tracks unprofessionally mastered by Bryan Dalle Molle
Artwork by Hope Kerkhoff.




Paperduck Records

Based in Chicagoland, Paperduck Records is a non-profit independent (currently online) music distribution project.

In summer 2012, Paperduck recorded the Fruit Salad compilation on a porch and in a basement. It features music of several Chicagoland bands, songwriters, and other projects.
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Track Name: Bryan Dalle Molle - Whethering
If you knew what was in store,
it'd still be something I can't afford
The mercury drops and
we let it take it's course
But there it goes, I'm all exposed,
and you didn't even gasp

You just said "fuck this relentless winter,
I can't take it anymore"
Eleven stops past California,
as if it'd help you feel the warmth.
With one foot in your new future,
and the other in your mouth
You wear the costume 'til someone calls you out

If you knew what it would take,
only to shrug it off the same
The ice expands,
the pavement cracks and breaks
If I stayed composed and make the joke,
would you even force a laugh?

So fuck your delinquent summer,
driving everyone away
Just ‘cause they use romantic language,
doesn’t mean that it’s innate
So when you stare at that blue ocean
and find you’ve nothing to say
The glass turns from translucent to opaque

You said “fuck this endless winter”
while acknowledging the wall
As if a year depreciating
meant you’d really seen it all
With one ear pressed to the padlock
and the other towards the clouds
The path of least resistance sounds
Track Name: Boil - Is/Was
Startled from a long sleep
I was expected to use my own two feet to move forward
But it's all just out of my reach
Since I spent my dreams on things that matter less now

Could this life end,
Knowing I'm right back to where we were again?

The time I've put in in our basements
Has led me to this moment, but now I can't move forward
Wide awake but in a daydream
of a moment where what is is what was

I hate to say it, but then
I'm right back to where we were again