Paperduck Records: Fruit Salad

by Paperduck Records

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This album is a compilation of independent music recorded in the Chicagoland Suburbs during the summer of 2012.


released September 25, 2012

Produced by Bryan Dalle Molle & Chris Keckler
Engineered by Bryan Dalle Molle
Mixed by Spencer Walters & Bryan Dalle Molle
Mastered by Spencer Walters
Album Artwork by Hope Kerkhoff




Paperduck Records

Based in Chicagoland, Paperduck Records is a non-profit independent (currently online) music distribution project.

In summer 2012, Paperduck recorded the Fruit Salad compilation on a porch and in a basement. It features music of several Chicagoland bands, songwriters, and other projects.
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Track Name: Apostle Quakes - Waves
There's never been a cause worth fighting for.
There's only been effects, punishments, and rewards.

I've never known a way to know other people right.
Except to compare their face, contrast on sight.
They tell me that it isn't right, so what's the sense in having eyes?

They never taught me how to scale, calculate real cold.
To test the weight of words I tell, and that I am told.

So later on was sink or swim,
I found the water closing in.
Track Name: AKA Foxy - Killing Collective's Definition
what have we even done to ourselves to the point where I gotta take the blame as much as everybody else a cool collective that we've recently become where we keep ourselves alive killing collective's definition it's our mission if I'd taken more chance not kept it bottled up inside maybe it could have survived in the place it currently resides truly living to sustain on behalf of familiar appeal and how trust would react and we ain't comin' back, unless you tell us to of course because we've got a knack, for treating tenure like it's force and we'll put on an act so you don't suspect a thing unless you see through the cracks why can't it all be the same as in the first place trying so hard to stick within capable lines will only give you more time inside your steady declines but who's to speak when all I do to move ahead is to hold strong to the goal to make best of what's presented I guess to stay unpretentious so we'll stick to our plans and be as satisfied as when we take a good look at ourselves and hope it'll work to pretend and in the end it all turns out okay because it's been kept so long with intent to stay this way meanwhile we search for another way to bring back sparks of something new with the methods we've saved that are honest tried and true and of course it's cliche but it's all we know to do expecting for the best while it all fades away why can't it all be the same as in the first place
Track Name: Bad Bad Fan - Give/Take
Stars just were not aligned for me
So I stopped seeing her, woke up on Sundays early

I tried to give a name to it all
But when I tried to I felt so short and very tall

The only ring I'm looking to wear
Is a buoyant one I'm not looking to share

You know what I like best?
When we're both depressed
And my mere presence seems to offend

Tattoos are peaking from your sleeves
seeking angels of Abrahamic beliefs

Oh how we are so medium-sized!
We're flecks of keratin there's 2 black holes for your two eyes

You know what I like best?
When we're both depressed
And my mere presence seems to offend

Sitting on the toilet seat
Half-sleeping, half-awake
Relief comes only from the squeeze
Of non-poisonous snakes
Track Name: Alec's Band - I Don't Think
I don't think that I've wasted my time by taking a year out of my normal life and being away from the ones that I love and trying to think back on the memories of those days we used to sit all alone in the grass but now that they're gone and some time has passed I can see that some things weren't meant to last, I can leave them all behind me in the past and I don't think that I could have ever foreseen how things would impact on my own state of being, a year alone in uncharted waters, I didn't think that I would ever be bothered but things were way harder than I could guess, my stress not un-messed by even a guest and even through such unwarranted tests my mind came through no less than the rest
Track Name: Merchants - Dawning/August
The orange rays burn though the sky
The quiet ride
Double takes on passing signs
Blur the rows and lines

I found you when I fell asleep
A fever dream
You are the debt I tried to keep
Lost in dawning entropy

But when you say that you don’t know
Either you want this or you don’t
Are we heading down that road?

It was a temporary lie
A fading high
I am in debt and you’re in need
Through August and the heat

So when you say that you don’t know
Either you want this or you don’t
And I can’t take you down that road
Track Name: Pigeon - City Culture State of Mind
Don’t even falter.
Don’t make a sound.
Why do we dig ourselves into the ground?

Six feet under,
Earthy Brown.
Two different funerals in two different towns.

My casket of Blue,
Yours of Red.
We won’t even sleep together in our eternal bed.

Maybe we will see each other soon,
And you’ll say to me, “I couldn’t live without you”.

If I believed in eternal life
We would have more than just tonight.
We would live where the sun don’t set.
We wouldn’t say goodbye just yet.

You stand where your feet are,
Not a single stride.
Rooted in city culture state of mind.

No voice of reason,
No voice at all.
Deep-rooted pillars have no need to fall.

I’ll pillage the rubble,
I’ll search through the mess.
Shards of glass and stone couldn’t mean any less.

No matter how deep the wound,
The tissue always scars.
Shards of glass and stone fill my arms.

If I believed in his saving son,
My body would be healed back to one.
But in pieces ripped and broke,
My body torn but my soul whole.

This is an argument of faith,
That we may live another day.
People believe in what they don’t see,
You should really believe in me.
Track Name: Boil - Slanted Sight
Stay here even though you know it's not right
I need help dealing with my slanted sight
My forward feet always lead to backward steps
I'm not sure, I need you to fill in the rest

Still apt to question but inherently spent
With suggestions never shared
Later in the future they'll all find what it means
When the meaning is no longer there

Shrinking, slanting, leaving my eyes blurring

Your eyes will tilt from all the apertures unfilled, but now
But now to my exposure, they're coming closer
And I want you to see me still

Stay here, far from fears we co-designed
I'm not sure how to deal with our slanted sight